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Markland Cottage Winery

We are a proud, family-based business dedicated to producing premium berry wines and spirits using quality, clean ingredients, minimal processing and no added sulfites. We are passionate about maintaining the essence of the berries and fruits to create our unique products. Our objective is not to follow the status quo, but to lead, innovate and inspire.

Our Story

In the early 1980s, Dr. Hilary Rodrigues, a practising dentist to this day, began experimenting with old, traditional Newfoundland recipes for making blueberry wines. His vision of opening Newfoundland’s first winery was realised in 1993. The winery’s first offering was our signature blueberry wine, made with wild Newfoundland low-bush blueberries. Our family of wines expanded over the years and have been honoured with a variety of national and international awards. The addition of a traditional European copper pot distillery, the only commercial distillery in the province, has allowed us to further increase our offerings to include liqueurs, brandies and iceberg vodka.

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Visiting our winery allows you to step back into a slice of Newfoundland history. The Markland Cottage Hospital was built in 1935 and was one of 19 cottage hospitals built in Newfoundland and Labrador to serve rural communities. Markland Cottage Hospital was designated a Registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2007. It was designated a heritage site for its historical, aesthetic and environmental attributes.  The building has been preserved as closely as possible to its original state. Pictures of the former staff and patients are on the walls, placards mark what each room was originally used for and pieces of original hospital equipment are on display. Many local people were born here and enjoy coming to visit their unique birthplace.

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Our team of wine making experts and management, ensure our wine is of the highest quality, with the highest standards in taste, colour and aroma.

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  • Dwayne-Day

Marek Krol – President & Owner, Frozen in Time Ltd.

Marek graduated from Agricultural School in Poland with a specialization in landscaping, wild herbs, natural and organic foods. He immigrated to Canada in 1988 and started his own landscaping & construction company in Ontario and formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Morguard, Rio Can, Avison Young and others.In 2009, he began investing in Newfoundland and Labrador, purchasing properties, land to develop agriculture and organic products. In 2012, Marek created a television show called Living Wild TV, which is aired on Cottage Life, Travel & Escape, and the Outdoor Lifestyle Network. The show is about how to live off the land using natural food for an easy & healthy lifestyle. In the same year he also started another show called “Cooking for a Cause”, in which various celebrities cook natural food for different health and wellness disorders.

Marek is working on a new show to be called “My natural Tincture & Wine World” where Marek will convey his passion to prepare various tinctures and wines from natural wheat, berries and herbs growing in North America.

In part due to his celebrity status, in 2015 he was invited to run for Member of Parliament for the St. John south, Mount Pearl constituency in Newfoundland & Labrador as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada.Using his deep-rooted relations with the Polish government, Marek opened Royal Investment Group of Companies in 2015 to buy, restore and sell historical properties. Marek is a vivid hunter, loves to spend time in nature and is intimately involved in charities such as the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation, Rally for Sick Kids, and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Hilary Alex Rodrigues – Manager and R&D Director


Dr. Hilary Rodrigues is the founder of Markland Winery Ltd. and Sedna Nutraceutical Inc. Hilary was born in Tanga, Tanzania and graduated in dentistry in 1969, at the University of London, England. He was a senior dental officer in London and a lecturer at the Royal Dental Hospital. He immigrated to Newfoundland in 1974 and has run a dental practice for over 34 years in Whitbourne, NL.Hilary served as a Municipal Councilor for 4 years, Deputy Mayor for 4 years and Mayor for 4 years. He was volunteered as Chairman Community Futures (4 years), Chairman Community Advisory Committee on the Green Plan (2 years) and as Chairman Trinity Placentia stadium (2 years).He is also a past Chairman of the Food & Beverage committee of CME (Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters).
He is also a Navigator of the 4th degree of Knights of Columbus, an International Red Cross delegate, member of the Canadian Agri foods Marketing Council, member of the Premiers Committee on The Social Strategic Plan and presently Chairman Advisory Board Leslie Harris Centre.

David Yetman – C.E.O. Frozen in Time Ltd.

David has post-graduate degrees in Community Health and Plant Biology and has studied at home, in Canada, and in Switzerland. He had the privilege of working with Nobel Laureates for several years, and top researchers around the world in life sciences, physics and medicine.

For six years David managed his own Management Consulting firm and has led the expansion of several companies in various industries. David is a recognized expert in brand positioning in the marketplace, and digital marketing leading to conversion of sales.

Elizabeth Collins-Office Manager/Accountant

Mrs. Collins has spent the past eight years as the Officer Manager and general Accountant of NNNI/Sedna Nutraceutical Inc. and Markland Cottage Winery Limited.

Lionel Rodrigues – General Manager & Food Engineer

Lionel graduated from Acadia University in 2002 with a BSc in Environmental Science with majors in Food Science, microbiology and food safety. His academic training allowed him to gain experience in working with machines such as spray dryers, counter-current extractors, various forms of food heating and cooling machinery, and exposure to many different industrial food processing plants including both animal and plant-based primary and secondary processing. Environmental science also trained Lionel in efficiency incorporating zero-waste streams in virtually every aspect of business from production to marketing to management. Lionel has worked with Rodrigues/Markland winery since its opening in 1993 and has been involved in all aspects of the business from building renovations in the initial years to tour guide to wine making and now focuses on marketing and management. He is well versed in purchasing and efficiency as well as being the quality assurance officer for the winery.

Dwayne Day – Plant Manager/Wine Maker

Dwayne monitors and maintains the machinery and optimizes the mechanics of the production equipment for peak performance. Dwayne possesses valuable production and operational skills acquired through on the job training at the winery since high school graduation.

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